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Misleading Ballot Language

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Very little revenue generated by the $23 billion tax goes to "Build and Widen Roads", but that didn't stop tax proponents from listing this item first in the ballot language. You see, buried in the ordinance that underlies the tax are the spending allocations of which at most only 4% of the total tax collections can be spent building and widening roads. The biggest allocation, 45% which amounts to over $10 billion, is dedicated to Hillsborough county's public transit agency HART. Don't you think that then should be listed first?

This deception by tax proponents is intentional because recent polling has shown that over 89% of Hillsborough County residents think roads have not kept up with how the County has grown. The poll also found by a 12 to 1 ratio, that Hillsborough residents believe roads, not public transit, have not kept up with population growth. Transit enthusiasts who are behind this tax and want to "get you out of your car" are lying to the voting public in order to get the new tax passed.

Just say NO, say no to the deceptive tax that benefits downtown developers who bankrolled this effort.

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