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Sales Tax Hike Ballot Measure Violates Hillsborough County Charter

The All for Transportation (AFT) Sales Tax Ballot Measure on the Hillsborough County November ballot violates Section 8.05 of the County's Charter. Section 8.05 requires that all County referendums include a Financial Impact Statement (FIS) in the referendum's ballot summary language. The FIS is not included in the AFT sales tax ballot measure.

Hillsborough County is governed under a County Charter, allowable by Florida State Statute 125.

In 2012 a Charter Amendment was passed by Hillsborough County voters that added Section 8.05 to the County Charter. That Charter Amendment requires a Financial Impact Statement be included in the ballot summary language of any County referendum.

The County failed to include a Financial Impact Statement on the All for Transportation sales tax ballot measure on the November ballot. We believe then the tax hike fails to comply with law therefore is illegal. Click here to read the entire article from

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